Lightning is one of the most horrible effects in visual of electricity

Electricity is becoming really common in nowadays society. Barely all machine works perfectly through this wonderful energy. However, do we really know what electricity is made from or came from?

Electrical phenomena have already been studied for a few centuries. Nevertheless, this theory had only become developed until the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Theoretical application was all that about at that period of time and it would not be able to use electricity in wherever people want until the late nineteenth century that scientists and engineers starts to put this wonderful power into industry and residential place. Because of the speedy development of electrical technology, electricity become flexibility as a kind of energy which can almost limitlessly put in any application such as transport, computation, heating, transformation and communications. It is for sure that electrical power is the basic requirement for modern industrial society and will be remain its status in the future.

1. The Definition of Electricity
2. The History of Electricity
3. Production and Uses in Nowadays Society
4. The Connection Between Anthem and Electricity

The Definition of Electricity

Electricity is a general term that includes a diversity of phenomena coming from the movement of the electric charge. If we search around ourselves carefully, we may easily find many familiar phenomena that can be labeled as Electricity. Lightning and static electricity are two of the many phenomena that are most common in visual.
The word “Electricity” is from the New Latin word “ēlectricus” which was around the year 1600. From the Greek word ήλεκτρον meaning amber because of the electrical effects that was produced by rubbing amber.
Moreover, the word “electricity” was usually illustrating a number of physical effects.

What is the difference between Electricity and Electric Power?

Electric power is the power that provided profitably by the industry. It is more often to use this word to represent the value of electric that has been used in a specific section.

The History of Electricity

Thales who is the earliest researcher into electricity

Long before Electricity appears as a theory, people had already been shocked by the Electricity phenomena. Ancient Egyptian had written down a piece of description of electric fish back on 2750 BC referring this kind of fish as the “thunder of Nile” and labeled them as the “protectors” of all other fish. Electric fish were again appeared in the novel in later century by Pliny the Elder and Scribonius Largus. Patients at that period of time suffering from sickness were recommended to touch electric fish in the hope that the unknown power will heal them.

The earliest approach to the discovery of electricity phenomena was belong to the Arabs, who had the Arabic word for lightning around 15th century. At that period of time, Thales was incorrect in believing electricity is magnetic effect. However, scientist did prove that there was a link between electricity and magnetic effect in later centuries.

Benjamin Franklin who leaded an important research on electricity in the 18th century.

Electricity still seems more like an imagination or curiosity for the scientist until the beginning of 1600, when the English scientist William Gilbert successfully proven the study of electricity and magnetism which explained the static electricity produced by rubbing amber. This movement leaded to the invention of the word “electric” and the word “electricity” which have its first appearance in Thomas Browne’s Pseudodoxia Epidemica of 1646.

Benjamin Franklin has done a lot of research in electricity. Also, he was selling his possessions to fund his research. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin attached a metal key to the bottom of a kite string and flied the kite in a lightning storm. This experiment was succeed when the spark of lightning jump onto the key and transfer its way back to his hand. Benjamin Franklin had proved that lightning was indeed electricity in nature.

Michael Faraday who formed the foundation of electric motor technology

In 1791, Luigi Galvani published a book about his discovery of bio electricity, indicating that electricity was the intermediary which nerve cells send signals to the muscles. Later, he invented battery which provided scientists with a more reliable source of electrical energy that the electrostatic machines. Moreover, the link between light, electricity and magnetism were also been proved around that year by James Clerk Maxwell.

Production and uses in nowadays society

Wind power is one of the most common in western country.

Electrical power is usually produced by electro-mechanical generators driven by steam which is produced from fossil fuel, the heat released from nuclear reactions or from other sources such as kinetic energy removed from wind or flowing water. The modern steam turbine invented by Sir Charles Parsons around 1884 today produces almost 80 percent of the electric power in the world using a variety of heat sources. The invention in the late nineteenth century of the transformer meant that electrical power could be transmitted into more efficiently with a higher voltage but lower current. Efficient electrical transmission meant in turn that electricity could be created at centralized electricity stations, where had been profited from economies, and then be send to a long distances to where it was needed.

The light bulb

The light bulb is an early production of electricity which operates by Joule heating. Works when the passage of current went through resistance generating heat.
Electricity is an extremely flexible form of energy, and has been modified to a huge and growing number of uses. The invention of the light bulb in the 1870s led to the society that lighting became one of the first publicly accessible applications of electrical power.

New York City Subway running electrically

The connection between Anthem and Electricity

Electrical power is almost the most common energy in nowadays society. In the opposite, electrical power is not even appeared as a theory in the society in the book Anthem which wrote by **Ayn Rand**. Electricity is more like a signal of the unmentionable time. It is oblivious that the electricity Equality found in the subway is what allows all the following events in the story happened. Without electricity, Equality will not think about the unmentionable time and all the other stuff.