Flat Earth

Definition and History of the philosophy of Flat Earth

  • Flat Earthers are a group of people who believes that Earth is shaped like a plane or disk. If you sail far enough, you would reach a waterfall where you would fall over the Earth. That's the one and only conception that people had until the 17th century.

  • Ancient Near East, early Egyptian and Mesopotamian thought the world was portrayed as a flat disk floating in the ocean.

  • In the classical world, there are many books left over from poets, philosophers and historians which indicates that the world floats on the water like a log. Also, there are reports from Ancient Japan, China, Norway and Germany. Even thought in nowadays,science has already proven that the Earth is not flat, the Flat Earthers still insists that the Earth is flat.

  • Aristotle put forward three evidences that prove that the earth is global:1.North star becomes higher when goes to north and becomes lower when south. 2.When a ship comes close to the shore, we always see the mast fisrt.3.At eclipse of the moon, the shape of the Earth which be reflected on the moon is global.

After that, most of the western people state the earth is global. And when Magellan finished sailing around the world, the Flat Earth is fully proved wrong. But in the other places out of Europe, people were not conscious of global Earth except India.

edge of the world

Proves that the Earth is flat:

1. According to Jeremiah 16:19, the earth has ends. There is no way a spherical earth could have ends, and therefore the earth must be flat. The Book of Revelation tells a similar story.

2. According to Revelation 7:1, a spherical earth cannot have corners, it is scientifically impossible. The only logical explanation is that the earth is flat. Checkmate atheists!

3. if you still don't believe these scientific facts, here is the real photographs taken at the ends of the earth .

Why Flat Earth?

The factors that prove the earth is not round.

Connections with //the Anthem//


From the book Anthem, "And we learned much from our Teachers. We learned that the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around it, which causes the day and the night." This is quote from Quality's thinking. It also mentions the same Flat Earth theory which means the Earth is not round. Anthem is a book that criticizes that society exist is not good and everything the author used is very extreme bad. At this time, the Flat Earth theory becomes a symbol for feudal theory.

Socialism (socialism) is an economic and sociological thought, proposition or advocate throughout the community as a whole, owned and controlled by Community products, such as capital, land and assets, the management and allocation of public interest. And the leader can always make a standard for the whole community. For the group of Flat Earthers, they believe that Flat Earth Theory is good for the society and they insist it. They think that is not wrong and just the different opinion in everyone. So the do like the socialism and defend the Flat Earth Theory.

In Ayn Rand’s opinion, facts are facts. It can not affect people’s thinking. Differently, Flat Earthers thinks that the Earth is flat due to their own personal judgments. So, they judge things not by facts but by their independent feelings. This against with her Objectivism and personal emotion become the main affection for people’s thinking.


  • Any Rand's Ethics Self-interest.

In the Ethics Self-interest of Ayn Rand, the pursuit of human’s own rational self-interest and of their own happiness is the highest moral purpose of their life. Flat Earthers have found the theory which they are interesting in and that could be the purpose of part of their life. On this side, Flat Earthers become the same side with her.

Epistemology is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope (limitations) of knowledge. Although the Flat Earthers have known the fact about Global Earth, they still insist their own opinion. This would fight against the Epistemology.

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