My best friend

I like play with him, I enjoy with him, we always walked together, such as go to dormitory, go to canteen, we also like to play basketball. But all of this is just I little become my best friend, the most thing he become my best friend is we are have good character, we just live like brother. When I have trouble, he can do anything for me with saying nothing; also I can do for him. He like help others, so you can see he is a very kind person. But he is very simple guy, he seldom to think which person is good or bad, so I always told him, how to distinguish the heart which in the deep of the guy. Now, he is cleverer than before, ha-ha, this I want see. He go to Australia last year, I miss him a lot. After I told a lot of thing about him, I think you know who I talking about, yes, he is jack.

Walk slowly, like a corpse walking in the street, yes I am hungry, very hungry, but both my mother and father all out, so the big house just will leave tiny me. So I decide I will not go back home and stay outside just like my parents, then to find some food to eat. Yes, I lucky, because there is a restaurant ahead the street. I jump and run to the restaurant, but when I arrived I see two words in front of the door. Rest on Sunday and Saturday…….why god you always play joke with me!!!

October 8
I bored in house, so I decide to watch a movie called “Step up”. The movie is talked about a group of teen with a dream that is win the first prize of dancing competition. It’s hard for a person to follow his dream, dream sometimes you think you can get it soon, but actually is also far away from you. You need very firm mind; you can’t give up in the halfway. Maybe you will run into setback, but that is ok, the most important is how you cross the trouble and get lesson out of the setback. In the movie, the character just like that, they across the difficult one by one, at lat they success!

November 20

MR. Noble
After I watch the film Wall-E, the movie gives me a lot senses. The word describe baby which stupid, simplicity, lovely all can describe Wall-E. The movie is talk about robot do cleaning after people make earth full of rubbish, but one day a white angel Eve walks into Wall-E heart. Wall-E just like a baby, he watch the video and to learn how to love. Wall-E is a robot, yes, is a machine without emotion, without thinking, but the end is the two robot fall in love with each other. How unbelievable the ending we get? But the true it is. There is such a scene that is Wall-E swing the machine which put Wall-E’s collecting and also he sleep in it, Wall-E let it become baby rocking chair. This scene touches my heart a lot, Wall-E hope to be love. Lucky, Wall-E find the person who love also love him.
That let me make the first connection, people also want to find the true love in this society, but so many girl just want find a handsome with a lot of money, or the boy just want find a beautiful girl. In Wall-E, Wall-E is a street sweeper like the book anthem Equality 7-2521, he also is a street sweeper and both of them is arranged by others. But the lover who love them never dislike and avoid there are street sweeper.
The second connection is the people who live in the spaceship, they all is fat guy, they sit in the chair, all action they can finish on the chair, never move their body, never have new food, just a cup with liquid. The funniest thing is when the advertisement in displayer said the fashion clothes are change red to blue, the people all push a button and change the clothes’ color without too much thinking. In the book anthem, people all listen to the council in that society. They council pursue the people all most the same. Same face, same brain, same mind, same emotion, that mean make everybody live in collectivity life, no new innovate. In the spaceship also like that people live in collectivity life. That is the second connection.
The third connection is two guys in the spaceship because of Wall-E, they “wake up” in the spaceship, they become to discover the beautiful of the universe, bright star, deep universe, they become to do things by themselves, don’t listen to the machine. In the book anthem, there also have two persons “wake up”, one is Equality 7-2521, and anther is the girl Gold one. Both of them know break the rule, use the word “I”, that’s mean although the council controls society but there also have some people will thinking, have their own mind. The collectivity spaceship have, the council controls society have, not to speak of others society have.
The Wall-E reflects a lot, the most is theme is love, but we also can see others important theme, like the earth full of rubbish, people stay at huge spaceship with the same thing. This theme all without exception we need to face our human nature. We need to love our earth, protect the earth. Second is when you meet the person you love, just try it, don’t look at the end is lose or win. When you grow up, you will not be pity, because you have tried it. The most theme connect to Anthem is the conflict of collectivity. We need to avoid this matter happen, so try new things, think the things you never think before, that can accommodate nowadays society.