During National Day, I watched a movie named High School Musical which brought me some thoughts about my live.

I think the foremost part about this movie is not the pure love between Troy and Gabriella but the way Troy pursues his aspiration. Specifically, instead of receiving special treatment and performing in talent show, Troy chose to be with his friend and do what he want without hesitation. Obviously, most students want to go to good university, and if they have a chance, they will do everything for it. However, Troy thinks the most important thing for him is to be with his friends. I am moved by him because he is not influenced by others which is really hard for everyone. What is more, when choosing university, he makes a decision to study both basketball and music which maybe his father and friends can not understand, but he makes this decision bravely.

It is hard for his father (the coach) to understand why a basketball boy wants to study music, but Troy insists his aspiration, which is the foremost part that I should learn from this movie; being myself and do not care about others’ views.