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What is a council?

hold a meeting
Parliament is a government of the legislature, the state council called the congress. Its members by the representatives of the meeting, this also called "the public office." The delegates can be as fast as it can or indirectly elected the person they want, also may be have some people disagreed, but the minority is subordinate to the majority. Council has the power to make the law in the report of it make, and agree the treaty,the talks election or to overthrow the government and the government budget agree power. In some countries, the parliament and the election of the head of state power. But there are also some congressional power less, such as the European parliament in the most of person do not have any power. Democratic national parliament in parliament as a general model. Although the general council is seen as the democratic system of an institution, but some of the democratic countries have in the form of the parliament.

In my understand, council is a institution which take the strong power control something , if small, maybe just manage a community, if big, maybe can control a city, a country. Also council like group. You can vote you want in the organization. But the choose need to see the most number of agree.


--Council change three times in british society


In the 19 th century British council elections the system reform of the first step, it is the new industrial bourgeoisie of land redistribution for noble with political sovereignty and expand the vote of the change movement. Background is 19 century 20-30 s with the fast development of the worker revolution, the British worker advantage class to further stronger the economic strength. Assigned to new worker city seats; Eased the voters property qualifications restrictions. Worker change can use the revolution means to complete, the change should be paid to do it.
Background is the 19 th century 50-60 s, asset class even more rapid development, has already won the political status about bourgeoisie and land form closer alliance noble, the liberal policies to ease class contradictions, consolidate their ruling. The working class is growing in the fight for their rights. Content: to adjust the constituency, cancel "corrupt constituency" of the parliamentary seats, assigned to emerging city; To further reduce the vote limit, expand the scope of voters. Meaning: (a) industrial bourgeois since then has dominance, further eliminate the British parliament and corruption in the system of any wind, and thoroughly before the noble in parliament the situation of unify the whole country. Basically realized the bourgeois democracy. (2) because voters expansion, the political parties to sustained, must become the habits of the party, which greatly promoted the development of the political parties, for voters to become political activities hair core. (3) the conservative party has changed as a representative of the bourgeoisie, the party.
1884 senate reform is British bourgeoisie assets to consolidate the socialist parliamentary democratic political reform movement. The background is with the late nineteenth century British industry, the loss of monopoly position, asset class two major political parties and the conservative liberal party differences between the shrinking, and they all take a small improvement internally, foreign aggression and expansion strengthening colonial policy; Agricultural workers were still out on election gate. Content: widen again citizenship; The property of the voters to provisions qualification; To set up a new internal services qualification, mainly is for the workers in county (male), especially the agricultural workers the right to vote. Meaning: do not have the vote of agricultural workers finally gaining the right to vote, but still got the property qualifications restrictions. Other women still do not have the vote.

British Council

Three of the reform revelation: the 19 th century, British social classes around parliament election reform achieve universal suffrage and continuing struggle right, but always in a peaceful and non-violent means appear, embodies the British national characteristics in the political field of condensate, timely and to change, gradual peace. British this gradual compromise model worth our using for reference, and to the use of clever, and strive to find various social interest coordination points at the whole social interests balance, avoid social damage to radical revolution. Of course must be controlled in a certain range, not blindly compromise.

European's council room

Different kinds of Council, In the world, there a lots of different kinds council, some is small just manage a small place, some is power to manage a country.

A series of council:

  1. Borough council

  2. City council

  3. Community council

  4. Council of the European Union

  5. Council of State

  6. County council

  7. National Security Council

  8. Parish councils in England

  9. United Nations Security Council


----Based society

Security Council

We can know what are council, and the parliament just like a legislature with power. In the anthem,there also have a council in the novel. Use the power to control people’s mind. Many true all control in government’s hand, you can’t know, you can’t touch, you can’t said the world. We called it “unspeakword”. Government sometimes use the way although is bad to prevent the people to discovery new things, that also prevent society’s develop. They use the power to set up what they want, I remember there science council in the novel, the council is work for the new idea and the inventions, but the novel is talking about the society with collectivity, so all the people in that society are all like the same, same mind, same point of view, same thought. It's very hard to bring forth new ideas in here. People just do what the council said. Like a machine, no emotion, no feeling. This council based society is no very good. In nowadays, much country like European council, the way is better than the council in the novel. There democracy, people can vote them choice. Although have disagree, but you can choose you want, that mean you get individual. The council in now society maybe some is good with the fair; some may be is control by only person or the government.