What is community

A kInd ofommunuty is make by a group of people
A kInd ofommunuty is make by a group of people
Community has two meanings, one is mean in a group of people, may live very close, and often share some common values or geographical location, generally greater than family social unit. The term also refers to the national community or the international community.Other is in biology, a community, is a group of organisms of the interaction of the sharing a dense environment.In the human community, the intention, beliefs, resources, preference, need, risk, and other conditions can now and universal, the influence of the identity of participants and their degree of cohesion.

"Community" this word comes from old French communite, from Latin communitas, a broad term traffic or organized society.
Since the advent of the Internet, the concept of community is no longer geographically, because people can now get in an online community and share common interests regardless of the position of the body.

Types of community

Country can be a community.
Country can be a community.

Geographical community: it can be made by local nearby discrimination, suburb, villages, towns or cities, the regional, national or even the planet as a whole.

Community culture: it can be discriminated by local groups, ethnic, religious, subculture culture or multiple civilization, or global community culture of today. They may be included as community needs or identity, such as the disabled and the elderly or weak.

Community organization: it can be disriminated informal family or relatives network, the more formal register association, political decision structure, economic enterprise or industry association in a small, national or international market.

The community is nested; A community can made from another community-for example geography community can have some ethnic communities.


It mean in a large group of people, live in close proximity. The local community examples include:
A municipality directly under the general administrative region by a clear, generally refers to territorial town or village
Despite the great city, they are often considered a collection of community, due to their diversity.
Localization is a geographic neighboring community, usually in a large urban or suburban areas.
A group of people form different places
A group of people form different places

Is a planned community design from scratch, after grow up more or less plan. Several of the world's capital city of city planning, especially the Washington, d.c.,
in the United States, Canberra in Australia, in Brasilia, Brazil. This is also common in European colonial America set up according to a plan or in fresh ground or
early on the ruins of Indian city. For details, please this topic, see the local community.


In some context, "community" is a group of people for a common identity than other position. Members are often the interaction law. In the daily life of the common examples such as usage include:
"Professional community" is a group of people with the same or related employment. Some of these members can join a professional association, do a more of the definition and formalized group. These are also sometimes called communities of practice.
Virtual community is a group of people or the first major exchange or interacting with each other through the information technology, usually in the Internet, rather than people. This can be a community interest, practice or exchanges. Research direction is the motive of the evolution of the contribution, online social networking site.

‍‍The connection of The Anthem‍

  • Anthem is a book writen by Ayn Rand
  • In Anthem's community, every one has no thinking except Equality.
  • This community are all control by government, even people's mating.
  • People can not said "I", they have to say "we" in the community
  • This is a close community, it against the identity of the community.
  • This community has no culture but just organization, so it is a unhealthy community.