What is commune?
  1. 1. It is a group or society. Like a group of people that is the same sort, or the citizen from a society. Communal living can both represent animals or human being, means living in a group or the same sort of people living together

l a group of interacting people, possibly living in close proximity, and often refers to a group that shares some common values, and is attributed with social cohesion within a shared geographical location, generally in social units larger than a household. The word can also refer to the national community or international community (PS: this is the interpretation from the Wikispace)

Modern communal living:
Housing estate

Another housing estate

The history of communal living:

Actually, the way that we comprehension the meaning of communal living was different to the passed. Like in last centry 50-60s, Chinese community party has an new decision which is set up something called The people’s commune. In every places, even in a small town, they have the commune, the scope was not big, it’s around 200 people per commune. What the did is, the commune share all the resourse, food, clothes, field ect. Like, every month, the commune would killed two pigs, and all the people in the commune would get some pork, everyone was the same. Or everymonth, the commune would provide 50m cotton material, and each family would get the same length of cotton material.

The Chinese people praising the people’s commune.


Propagating the people’s commune

Not only in China, some other countries have the people’s commune too, it’s also a kind of community, the main essential was the same but different in small point. The main idea of the commune in the passed was “share”, people in the commune have right to get the things.

But later, people found that the people’s commune was not as good as image. At first, the propuse to set uo the people’s commune is to solve the problem that the people are homeless of no food to eat. After some years, the disadvantage appeared, because everyone got the same thing, what it means is, whatever you work or not, you also can get yours, so some people choose don’t working and just wait for the food, so the production capacity was decreasing strongly.

So, in modern day, the people’s commune was disappear, people also share things like houseing estate, but you must pay for it.

Connection to other topic\webside:

l The total meaning of commune(from wikipedia)---

l I mentioned that the communes not only meaning the sharing society, also means the same sort of people living together, so in the acient Europe, the noble people and poor people was living like different world, know more detial please click---

Medieval European Society

l The people’s commune is like a group, and the group must have a leader, the leader of the people’s commune should obey the higher leader, and the higher leader should obey the other higher leader and so on. So these leaders like the council and they make decision in some improtant things---

Council Based Societies


Connection to the Anthem:

The word “commune” was strongly connect to the novel—Anthem.

First of all, the Anthem is talking about a society that everyone was the same. So, from the form of the society system, it’s kind of communal living. Not only the resource, all the things were shared, everyone got the same thing.

Secondly, the commune was control by the council, so the council was the leader of the entire commune. Also in the Anthem, in that society, they also have a council called “The council of the world”, this is the main part in the society and it control most of things, almost the same as the council in the commune.

The third one is, everyone got the same thing. In the people’s commune, every person got the same food, same clothes… in the Anthem, the people got the number which is their “name”, and everyone has the same thing, nobody have special right or treatment.