Caste System

When talking about the caste system, people always think the negative side of it. The caste system occurs in a different way in every country around the world. The caste system was not created by some person like a king, but rather it devoloped out of a practice of a society over several thousands of years.

What is Caste System

Caste system is widespread region social system in India and other south Asian. The caste system use the brahman as the center, divided into many endogamy groups by different job, namely caste.01300000556468125542813516784.jpg

It is a type of social structure which divides people on the basis of inherited social status. Although many societies could be described in this way, within a caste system, people are rigidly expected to marry and interact with people of the same social class. India has a well known example of a caste system, although various forms of caste systems can be found in many other cultures as well.

The Different name of Caste System

In Britain and France, caste called caste until the eighteenth century before it was adopted. And in the 19 th century it evolved into universal vocabulary. However, in the 19 th century ago, British people often confused "the caste" with "tribe" and the system with the Varnas. With this knowledge the British colonial India and the widespread circulation.

In India,the corresponding vocabulary is Jāti means community , community and species. It is the system of settlements, should be settled population and the division of each other meant, such as the nature of the relationship between the biological. This 'caste' quite different from the other 'caste' referred to in the original "tribe" or "race" meaning .

Caste System in India

The Indian caste system is a system of social stratification and social restriction in India in which communities are defined by thousands of endogamous hereditary groups called Jātis.

The is a pyramid of the caste system in India.

The Jātis were hypothetically and formally grouped by the Brahminical texts under the four well known categories (the varnas): viz Brahmins , Kshatriyas , Vaishyas , and Shudras. It is the most typical of the ancient world, the most heavily fortified rating system. It have strict regulations in four rank: the position, right, professional, obligations. The first is Brahmins, are mainly noble monks, have religious classics and offering explain the privilege of god. the second is Kshatriyasis the nobility of military and administrative. They have the privilege of levying various taxes. The third level is the Vaishyas. Most of them are Aryan free civilian sectors. They earn money from agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, hunting, etc. They must use the form of alms and taxes to support the first two levels because they do not have political privilege. The fourth level is the Shudras. Most of them are indigenous, had been conquered., are not belong to the Aryan. They are engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, hunting and other industry which was considered inferior job.


Although people associate the caste system with India, the world is actually borrowed from the Portugese. By 1555, English speakers were using the word to refer to a race of men, adopting the Portuguese word casta. Although the word was used in English to describe race or breeding, in Portuguese it was more widely used in reference to the stratified society of Portugal. When the Indian social system was encountered in the 1600s, it came to be described as a caste system in the Portuguese sense.

Caste System in ‘Anthem’


Caste system is very important in 'Anthem' because it is one of the factors promoting the development of the story.The Councils is the higest class in the caste system of the world. In this word, people live in different group, but each group is equality expect the Councils. People do not have freedom because The Councils control all people' s life. And people only can do the things that the Councils because the Councils created a lot of rule to astrict people. such as the males can not speak or touch the females,people can not work by themself and people can not smile if you do not usually smile,etc. The Councils wants everybody become the same that they can easy to contorl all people. But it still have some people, know the truth, were afaird to say.

In this world,people living at the bottom of the Caste system.After people are fifteen years old, the Councils will give them a jod which is they have to work until they are old. In the text, Equality 7-2521 get a job which is a street sweeper.


The world in 'Anthem'
Our World: Indian
The Councils, normal people
Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas,
Sudras, and Pariahs
The Councils
Low classes
all people expect the people inthe Councils

They completely believe religion
Is easy to control?
Is that monogamy?
People do not marry because
the councils not allow. Male and
feminine became the instrument
what is use to breed human.