Tron: Legacy is a science fiction movie written by Steven Lisberger in 1982, and released by Walt Disney Pictures. This movie is talk about the other electronic world, make by the person call Kevin Flynn, and he into it and can’t come back. Later Kevin Flynn’s friend told Sam Flynn(Kevin Flynn’s son) that his father is in a electronic world in the Flynn’s playground. After Sam got in the electronic world, and catch by the evil rulers immediately, then he was taken to the games and he play the it and catch by the person call Rinzler in the final showdown. Rinzler take Sam to the ruler because Sam was a user, first time Sam think that the ruler is his father, but he was told by the ‘father’ that he was not Sam’s father, his father was in the other place. After that Sam was taken to another different games and he escaped with Quorra (a female support his true father). They go to the other place of the electronic world, and Sam saw his true father Kevin, and they were very happy to see each other. Kevin tells everything about the electronic world, and Sam knows that everything in the electronic world are all programs expect his father and him. Everything in that electronic world can change by a identity disk of the users, but later, the disk was stolen by another ruler ally with the bad gay Clu. After Clu got the user’s identity disk, he changed the program and find a way out of the electronic world. It was stopped by Sam’s father, but Sam’s father must be dead. At the end of the video, only Sam and Quorra get out of the electronic world and they check out of it and leaved the Flynn’s playground.
In the movie TRON, there is a lot of things that looks like the society in the book ANTHEM. In the movie TRON there were different colors on programs clothes, some of them are white and orange(high levels), most of the programs were in blue(the common person). The programs were imprison in a place and they can’t go to the other side of the electronic world, if they cross the border, they will be killed by the special forces of the ruler’s leader, but user will not under restrictions, because they were not a program. In the book ANTHEM if the people do something that the leader not allow to do, they will be punish by the council, in the movie, people will sent to the games and get the punishment that they should have. The people in the electronic world wants to get out of it, it means that the people in anthem and in the movie tron all wants to be free.
From the novel and the movie, I learn a part of things, nowadays operate independently is not useful, we need to work with a team, this way is more fast and easy than work by yourself. We need to have the spirit of innovation and not afraid of difficulties