Mr. Noble
Nov. 21, 11
The Matrix
The film that I watched is The Matrix, it depicts the real world which is perceived by human beings is a virtual world created by sentient machines. Those machines design a model which is an analogous computer program through Matrix to control this virtual world by controlling humans’ mind and activities. Neo is considered by Morpheus and his group of free humans, as “the One” who can beat down the agents and control over the Matrix. And he is trained as a member of Morpheus’s rebellion and a sock is put into his skull. In this way, Neo is able to learn different abilities such as Kongfu by uploading. Once Morpheus is caught by the agents and Neo goes to rescue him through beating down those agents accompanied with Trinity (who is also one of his group) .
To begin with, the councils in Anthem play a similar role as those sentient machines in the Matrix. In Anthem, the councils force people to be like those mindless robots by controlling their mind and behaviors. As a result, this society becomes the one of which everyone lives and works in collective groups: they are guilty if they have individual feelings and behaviors. The sentient machines are similar to the councils. They create a virtual world for supervising humans’ activities and try to change thoughtful people into robot-liked humans. Both councils and sentient machines are the ones aspire to build a world which is the one they want: all of the vital things are almost like the ones have no lives. Everything or everyone are controlled by their hands and nobody can fight against them.
Secondly, both Equality and Neo have the same idea to change the position they stood. In Anthem, Equality does not care about being guilty for doing scientific studies and rebels against collectivism. Once Equality shows a box within a light bulb to the councils, however, the councils reject his idea and deem him as a guilty person. Eventually, he flees to the uncharted forest which has no one would retard him from doing scientific experiments. He chooses his own road to seek the truth. In the Matrix, Neo is not afraid of what kind of dangerous events are going to happen, what he wants to know is to find out what the truth exactly is.
Additionally, the societies where Equality and Neo lives have some commons. Although there are the Matrix and councils supervising and controlling people, infinity allures exist every corner of the societies. Most people are like to sleep in the society that built by the Matrix and Councils, no people would like to wake up because they satisfy the situation. However, there are some people like Equality and Neo striving for the truth that they want to know. For instance, in Anthem, Equality can not bear the allure that brought by the light bulbs, he wants to light up the world through light bulbs and make the lives be more convenient; In the Matrix, there are some people choose the blue pill to keep enjoying the virtual world which can bring them various material and spiritual comforts; but people who choose the red one to reveal the truth although the existence of dangers is everywhere.
“Self-discovery”, this is the most significant thing that I learned from The Matrix. Neo is continuously getting to know the real one that he is and gradually he feels the intensive spiritual power sprouting. Each process that a person practices means he is stepping to the success. The future is uncharted but we know how to commence although the end is unpredictable.

My best friend.

It has been 11 years since I have known my best friend who I called her Sweet Potato. We became friends in the primary school. She is the one who had a lot in common with me in my class so we became very close friends soon after we knew each other. It's not so easy for a person to find someone who can read your mind, but she is the one who can always understand me.

The reasons why I deem her as my important person in my life are plenty. First of all, when I studied in the middle shcool, I did not pay enough attention on my studies and finally it caused that I did not have a high mark to go with her to a new high school. Sadness with me everytime at that time even I had already no idea about my future , but she told me I must convert sorrow into strength to think about my road to the future. "Impetus comes to those who have their goals", that is also what she adived me. After that, I thought a lot then I decided to study abroad to fullfill my dream--to be excellent doctor. Now, I am a person who also have a great dream and striving for it all the time.

Additonally, she is significant becasue she is the one who always light a lamp up without hesitation when I am in the dark. When I encouter difficulties, she helps me to come up with a solution; when I am preparing IELTS, she renders me a great abundance of review imformation shch as some skills of writing a perfec essay. Every bit of my life has her trace soever umhappiness or happiness.

Those are the reasons why she has been playing am important role in my life.

Part B--
Once you enter my house, you will find a vital garden which is enclosed with green belt heaves in your sight. There are various individual plantson the green belt, parts of them are some vegetables such as hot peppers and eggplants. On your left side, a stone table stands stably on the ground, above it, is a pergola which is filled with glosy and green das weinlaub. Beside the stone table, you can see a fish pond within varicoloured fish and they are swimming and sometimes their heads get wind of the water seem to look forward to eating. At the back of the rockery, diverse fruit trees such as longan and lichi stand in a row. Under the mango tree, there is a roomy cage with some pigeons inside. All of the trees and little animals are taken a good care by my father, many people said my father is playing a real QQ farm.

A movie
The main character of Wild Child, Poppy is sent to boarding school because she is wayward, petulant and treasonous. In the school, she is always in trouble: she is asked to were school uniform, her cell phone is confiscated and she also encountered some students who look down upon her. Under these pressure, a plan about leaving this school comes to her mind and her roomates tell her the only way that she can leave the school is to go to an horner court which means a banishment.

When she is planning to get out of this school with her roomates who realize she is actually a helpful and kind girl, she finds she has already had such a nice group of friends in this school and gradually falls in love with this school. Eventually, under the influence of her friends and teachers, a new smart image replaces her wayward image for she stops speaking rude words and also joins the hockey team.

In this movie, a impressive monolog from Poppy is : There are many people might change you, probably are your teachers, classmates or parents even those who you hate, but the most important thing is to give yourself a chance. It is on certain that giving a chance to yourself when you are in trouble is the only way that you can overcome the problem.