The movie Idiocracy a dystopian movie about the future. The main characters are Joe Bauer, an ordinary man who has no family or lover, and Rita, a prostitute who owns a man lots of money. They had been chosen to take part in a top-secret project of human hibernation in 2005. The project was set to be for only two years. However, about half years after the project, the person who was in charged was caught by the police and no one knew about them ever since. Five hundreds of years later, a garbage avalanche accidently reactivated them and awoken them. Joe met Frito, who loves money really much and promises Joe to take them to the time machine. This movie is mainly about the adventure Joe and his partners faces while finding their way to the time machine. It is weird that Joe went from finding the time machine to saving the world after he was tested to be the smartest person in the prison.

Compared with the book Anthem, both of the society likes to control people by making them similar to each other. In the movie, people are identified by the tattoo on their left wrist and robots decide whether they get comfort or not. While in the book, people have number rather than names and people are resigned to what the council tells them.

Another similarity is that, everybody is foolish and never resist to the robot’s order in the movie. This is proved by the scene when Joe is in the hospital and the doctor judges him using a machine which would tell you what disease you have. It is the same in the book that everyone in the society is not allowed to think and no one ever thought of betraying the council. Once you think or have feelings, you would be punished by the council.The citizens in the movie listen to whatever the president says, and it’s almost like they have no brain to think. The act that they use a kind of power drink to replace water shows that they don’t use science not even common sense. Same in the book Anthem, the people in the society listens to whatever the council says. When the council assigns the people to a particular group, they obey without another word.Also; the council said that whatever the scholars don’t know doesn’t exist, and the people would stop trying to discover the unknown.

Lastly, in both of the stories, there is a character which would save the world, Joe in the movie and Equality in the book. In the beginning, Joe turned a wasteland into life by common sense. And then, he became the president and helped the citizens live a better life. Alike what Joe did, Equality ran away from the council and started his own society. They both signified the beginning of a more civilized city and hope.

After watching this movie, I figured that it is frightful if our society became foolish and out of common sense. Everybody would live a misery life and lose the ability to even taking care of their selves. I learned that we should read more and earn knowledge. If we don’t get plenty of education, our next generation would be much duller then us. After a few hundreds of years, we would degenerate and make the movie come true.


The movie I watched is called Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger tides, the fourth movie of the pirates of the Caribbean series. This movie illustrated the voyage of Captain Jack Sparrow and the crew’s on his way to the fountain of youth, which is told to be able to live forever after drinking the water in it. The reason Jack set off on a journey to the fountain of youth is because his ex, Angelica’s father wants to get eternal life, and Jack is the only one who knows where it’s located. At the same time, the Spanish, their enemy, are also looking for that fountain. On the contrary, they want to destroy that fountain because of their belief in religious. On the way of their adventure, they must meet the mermaids which would block their way to the fountain. Due to the attracting singing of the mermaids, it is a big challenge for the sailors to go pass because once they get close to the mermaids, they will kill the sailor. To see how they get lose from the mermaid, fight the Spanish and their exciting experience, you must watch this movie. This is a worthwhile movie with exciting plot.


The person that is very important to me would be my best friend, Patricia. It was almost the first time we met when we became best friends, because we lived quiet close to each other and we also share alike interests. We sticked with each other almost every day, like living in the same dormitary, walking home together after school and shopping.Even thought I have met her for no longer then two years, she helped me a lot when I was going through a sad stage, such as comforting me when I was feeling depressed and giving me suggestions about better ways to handle problems. She was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to, which is how she got hold of my trust and thankfulness. Even now when she is in America, we still chat with each other very often, sharing things that are happening in our daily life. Patricia is a good friend of mine who I would cherish for my whole lifetime.


It is a sunny Autumn day when Jimmy, the police spy for drug dealers, exposed his identity. Everyone from the drug club have the same aim to catch him as soon as possible, alive or not, and the reason is that the boss of the drug club made a statement about the first one to find him will be highly award. The whole night, Jimmy have been hiding in the garbage trunk with all the slimy wastes and the stinky rats. He could't call for help because he lost his cellphone while being chased last night. The only thing he has is a walkie-talkie given to him by his seven-year-old son, however, it doesn't work if they are too far apart. Suddenly, the walkie-talkie let out a men's voice saying that if Jimmy don't go to the drug factory in ten minutes, the men will murder his son. Jimmy can't figure out a better way and he starts running to the factory immediately. He is gasping for breath from continuous running when he reach the factory, and in the middle of the factory sits his son, crying for help. As expected, Jimmy announces that he will exchange his life for his son's. One thing which is not in plan is that the men can't accept the truth that Jimmy betrayed him, and he shot Jimmy's son, letting Jimmy watch his son die in front of him.