There is a person who is very important to me. He got a quest which was given by God, a quest that wants he to blames for me, a quest that makes him to protects me, a quest that tells him to teaches me. Until now, he gets a perfect mark from me on his holy quest. That great man is my father. He is a man who affects most in my life. He is the first teacher in my life, he selects carefully every habit and knowledge that he teachs to me. He teachs me how to get along in the society, he teachs me how important to be a man who has responsibility. Sometimes he brings his mind strongly when he is teaching me. That is a momment that makes me fell not good but that is not his fault. It is a very important signal which reminds me, how important that I am in his mind.I did not know how many times that he has protect me, how many times that he has supported me. I do not know how many ''Thank you'' shall I give to him.