The person who was important to me is my father. He's a great person but not really. When I was a child, he always frighted with my mum, and my mum would run away from home after the quarrel. For me, I did not have childhood, I was living in an horrible dream because my family always not integrated. the reasons that i said my father was great is because his achievement. I'm not going to say he is a good father, it doesn't means he's bad, what i wanna say is, he is a perfect boss, an excellent business man. When he was a child, our family was very poor, my grandma has three sons and a daughter, at that time, meat was an luxurious thing, and my dad was grow up in that situation, he finished high school, and went to the university in XI AN, when he was graduated, he came to GuangZhou. his first job was a truck driver, and step by step, he find a job that manage a company, then, he leave the company and joint venture with someone, I can image that the process was very hard, but he never give up, in 1997, he set up his own factory which is produce the sport facility. that is the time i started to remember things. i clearly remember that my dad's hair was became white, and he;s thinner than before. but for return, his factory got unbelievably success. the products are selling to Europe, Africa.... maybe you will asked, how does this connect to he's important to me? not only because he broke my childhood, it's because his willpower and confidence in business, that's my goal for my hole life, i hope one day i'll success just like my father did.

ZhuZhouHuNan was my hometown, but in my memories, there is not very deep memory for me, but my father was born in there and it’s his whole childhood. My old home was in a small hill, there were some neighbors when my father was young, but it’s dangerous because the mud-rock flow in rainy day, so all of them move down the hill and just ours still in a lonely hill.
My father told me something about his childhood and it’s not colorful at all, they’re poor at that time, the meat was luxurious like gold, the vegetable was the homely food, I can image that the feeling of eat the vegetable every day. And my father’s school was far away from home, in the Monday morning, my father would get up at 4 o’clock, he would cross a limpid river on his way, and then was a huge rice land, at the autumn, it became a yellow sea, and the rice would like the spoondrift with the wind blew.

The Matrix was a science fiction movie. It’s talking about the fight between the human and the robot. In 21 century, human created the smart robot, but after a hundred years, human used all the resource in the earth so they cannot stay alive. The robot want to continue their life and they found that the human’s body can be used as the energy resource, so the robot start to plant human and connected to the human’s brain, let the human lives in dream. Even the world in human’s dream and the real world was not in a same timeline, they still can affect each other. The character Neo used to be the man that lives in the dream, but the people in real world found that Neo was the man can save the world, so they let Neo came to the real world an save the people who live in the dream.
This movie has some similar to the novel Anthem. The first thing was the people lives in the dream. In the Matrix, the people lives in the dream didn’t know where they are, they don’t even know their world was fake, it was created by robot, and they know nothing about outside. Also in the Anthem, the people in the story just like the people live in the dream, both of them know nothing outside their world; they just lived in a limited area, and the unknown world in the Anthem is like the Matrix in the movie. And the second thing is, both of the people was control by secret, in the movie, people would never know they were controlling by robot, and also in the novel, people would never know their world was censored.
Go through the movie and the novel, I found that people cannot always follow the rules. Maybe my opinion was not very strongly connected to these things, but the people in both the movie and the novel were too observing the normal thinking. In our world, I think if a person want to be outstanding, he or she cannot always follow the rules, sometime we need to think the things that others cannot think, do the things others afraid to do. Usually the unusual way can bring up the new idea. Such as Steve Jobs, why he can successes? He created the things that look huge different to the other companies’. He made the product become an independent school. He dares to discover, he dares to bring forth new ideas, he dares to walk the unusual way. Why the people in the movie cannot discover their world was fake? Why the people in the novel cannot found out their world was not the real world? They are following the rules , they did the things that people usually did.