Have you ever taken doubt on the world you live in? Can you imagine the world is fake that created by someone? People may feel it ridiculous and hard to take that imaginary into consideration. However, for Truman Burbank, that is exactly the world he lives in.

Truman Burbank, the life of whom is filmed through thousands of hidden cameras, 24 hours a day and broadcast live to all the audiences around the world, is unaware that he is living in a constructed reality television show and. He grows up in Seahaven and never leaves it for other places. He used to dream of traveling around the world like Ferdinand Magellan. However, the dream is shattered with the “death” of his father in sea which leads Truman to be scared of water ever since. Sylvia, the first love of Truman, becomes romantically involves with him and tries to reveal to him the truth about his life. Unfortunately, her intention is soon detected by the controller and she is thrown out of the show before Truman realizes the absurdity of his world. As time goes by, some traces appear in Truman’s life by mistake. The memory of Sylvia and the reappearance of his father make him become suspicious of his perceived reality. In the end, despite the persuasion from the show creator Christof and uncertainty of future, Truman strides into the exit of his constructed world.

Comparing to Anthem, there are many similarities between Truman and Equality. Although the world Truman lives in seems to have no restriction, the life of Truman including parents, friends, wife which Truman thinks he is really going through is actually set by the show. All the events happen in Truman’s life are following the setting, which shows no difference to a television series. He is under the control of Christof and is viewed by others everyday at every time. Likewise, the society Equality lives in is under the control of different councils. People’s behavior, words, feelings and even sexuality should on the basis of rules. The life of everyone is following the arrangement by councils.

When Truman is just about to leave Seahaven, Christof tells him that there is no more truth out there than there is in the world he created for Truman. In the outside real world, Truman may experience the same lies and the same deceit. But in Seahaven, Truman has nothing to fear since everyone is living for him. Similarly, if Equality stays in the society controlled by councils, he will live an equal life to others that everyone works for their brothers and they will share the achievement. In Equality’s philosophy, everyone should strive for their own happiness and benefit, which could contribute to desire, intrigue, mutual suspicion and deception etc. Nevertheless, Truman strides into the exit without hesitation and Equality establish his own society. Both Truman and Equality insist in exploring the new world. Ego is considered to be the priority for both of them.

The motivation generated by love in both The Truman Show and Anthem can be taken as another comparison. There is a scene in the film that while Truman is sailing on the sea which he is supposed to be scared with, he stares at the figure of Sylvia for a while and then continues his journey of great confidence and determination. In Anthem, the love for Liberty inspires Equality to explore the new world and the word “I”. Love, the original feeling of human beings, generates the bravery and motivation of exploration.

In the film, there is a very impressive saying “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented” which tends to reveal the situation of almost everyone in the world. Everyone is Truman. We get to know the world through parents, friends and lovers and so on. We are announced what is happening in the world by news. We are set to arrange our education, job and life somehow by the society. However, how much of the information is actually true?

Not everyone is Truman. Truman and Equality explore their new world in sea and Uncharted Forest which they used to be scared with respectively. In reality, not everyone has the determination to penetrate the truth of life and to jump out of the setting. Through this film, the thought of questioning the substance of reality cannot be retrained. What is real in the world? Are we staying in a big trap built up by lies?

Movie Review
How long can a person wait for another person? What if the waited person is dead? I guess However, Hachi, the dog of Professor Wilson, had been waiting for his owner at the same place for ten years. When Hachi was a puppy, he was left at a train station by mistake. While he was bewilderedly looking around the surroundings, he met his forever friend -- Professor Wilson. Hachi was like a nestling that he easily recognized Wilson as his owner. Hachi liked playing with Wilson. He was so dependent on Wilson that he even wanted to go with Wilson for work. After he realized that he cannot go with Wilson, he became waiting for Wilson back at five o’clock at the gate of station everyday. Unfortunately, as Wilson got older, one day, he passed away while he was teaching. At that day, though Hachi waited until 12 o’clock, he could not have his owner back. This movie demonstrates how strong the bond between people and dogs can be. When I see the last view of the movie that Hachi recalled his past life with Professor Wilson while he was in coma, I cannot refrain from bursting in tears. Ten years as a day, Hachi was waiting at the same place during the same time. “Once I choose you to be my owner, you are my owner for life.”

9.12 Descriptive Paragraph
Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha was an extremely recognized and prominent pirate during the history of navigation. He was very tall and strong with a bushy red beard which made him look like a lion. Not only did his appearance demonstrate his strength, but also the history has proven that he indeed deserved the title of king. Hayreddin’s life is the life of a real hero. He devoted himself in protecting his country. He fought against his enemies at the ocean and never got defeated.

9.4 Important Person
As the people whom we firstly saw after our birth, parents usually played a significant role in our memory, so did my mother. She is such a knowledgeable and elegant woman that really taught me a lot in terms of self-cultivation and the view of life during my growing time.

When I was a child, I was always the smallest and shortest student in my class. Since that, I was sometimes treated badly by a couple of my classmates. However, every time when I felt aggrieved, I came to my mother for comfort or support. She just told me not to grumble but to make self-examination and try to deal with it by myself. I always used to be disappointed with my mother’s reaction and considered her as a coward. As time went by, I got to understand my mother and realize what she did was right. There are countless problems I am going to face in the future. Many of them may frustrate me and make me come up with a sense of resentment. Nevertheless, the world will never change as one’s will and nobody is supposed to help me all the time. What I should do is adapt to the situation or try my best to gain respect. I learn to be independent from my mother.

I used to be a pessimist like my father that always thinks of failure and consequence before starting to do something. It is my mother who encourages me all the time and teaches me to keep a positive attitude towards life. She always tells me not to be afraid of trying and starting new things. Getting something started can prove that you have already been better than the individuals who never try. In addition, success does not mean how big and great an achievement you receive in the end, but it means that you fulfill yourself and enjoy the progress.

Living with her, I have myself been changed and influenced by my mother unobtrusively and imperceptibly. Independence and optimism are the most important things I have learned from my mother.