My Father
He is a friend to me,we can talk everything. He also is a teacher, teaching me to be a person who I need to be. He gave me a almost perfect childhood. Thank you, my dear father. But once I had been doubt our relationship because he always so busy at his businesses that does not have time to stay with me. Without any commucation inwardly that makes us feels a stranger. It makes me laugh when I think the person at that time. It is not commonplace to support a lager family. I have to think more because I am not a child now. The best way for me to help my father is studying hard. I had been to two banquet for two person go to difference good university. At that time I made a firm decision that my father be proud because I go to a university which is better. I am so luck that I can understand you now. Giving me time,I can be.

The bell was ringing that telling people the train was coming. The boy walked pass the girl who is from the opposed side quickly. Then, they stop and turned around to saw each other. But the train passed through them. The boy thought weather the girl was her or not. How she lived in this thirteen years which they didn't see each other. Did she still remember the boy. Can they go back the time when they were together.Thirty second after ,the train was gone with the sakura. It fall down at the place where the girl stand before. The boy looked at the air with a smile. He left there in the end. It's not important that weather they should meet, the thing they only had is memory. Keeping it in the deepest of theirs heart forever.


Allen (He Ying Hao)

The Matrix and Anthem
This movie is talking about a fire between human and machine in the place between the real world and a virtual world called the Matrix.
Computer hacker Neo has been living a normal life, until he contacted with the mysterious figure Morpheus, Trinity and others . Morpheus took him to the real world, so he knows Neo understand the world he living is a virtual world created by the machine, called the Matrix which only exists in the world of people's minds.Matrix is a simulation of the human world in 1999 built (in fact, it has entered 2199 in the real world). The machine constructed program to enter the visual, hearing, taste, smell, touch and other signals into the human brain. The world they created is high authenticity. Its real purpose was to deceive the human are imprisoned by the machine and made human think they live in a free world, to absorb energy in the human body. Morpheusi, who was liberated by the people who are not contoral by the machine.After Neo had technical training, he and Morpheusi came to the Matrix once again for visited the Prophet. Then they were hunted down by the programs belong to the Machine when they went back to the real world from the Matrix. Morpheus has been captured by the killer program because she protect Neo. In order to saving Morpheus, Neo decided to return again to the Matrix world with Trinity after discussion. After a fierce fighting, they finally rescued Morpheus. Although Morpheus and Trinity successful return to the real world, Neo was killed by the killer program in the Matrix. But Neo was reborn at last. Then he immediately invaded and disappeared one of the killer program called Smith.
Going through the movie, we can cushyto find the similar between Anthem and the movie.In the Anthem, the Councils is the controler in the world. People do not have freedom because the Councils plan all people' s life. The Councils created a lot of rule to astrict people. such as the males can not speak or touch the females, people can not work by themself and people can not smile if you do not usually smile,etc. The Councils wants everybody become the same that they can easy to contorl all people. But it still have some people, know the truth, were afaird to say. In the movie, the machine created the Matrix to dominated human and got energy from human. Even through people are in danger, people still thought they lived in the real world. But the lucky thing was still had some people know the truth and assume responsibility of saving people, like Equality and Neo.
The movie is very difficult to understand because it include many different philosophy. After I I finished watch this film twice, I think this film is talking about an old proposition weather the feeling is true or not. Then how to became true if it is not true. This is one of philosophy in the ancient Greek philosophy. For example, sugar feels sweet, but what will we get without this feeling or what the rest is if you do not use feeling to think finally. In the film, Neo came to the real world after other people help him to get away from the false impression(the Matrix). Some people think that the rest are the truth because people often avoid the illusion to understand things. So the rest, remove all the sence, will be the truth do not have any lie by the feeling. But Neo did not believe it at first. That is the thing people always do.


How the society affects the protagonist in The Catcher in the Rye

The book I have read is The Catcher In the Rye which was written by American writer named J.D.Salinger. It uses memory of the protagonist who is Holden to tell us his story. It is about that he has wandered in New York for three days of life experience and spiritual experience after he gets expelled for Pansy School. The author uses the things happened to Holden at those three days, to present the crossroads of life and growth of juvenile confused. It also criticizes the hypocrisy of adult society. The author creates a lonely as well as rebellious image of American teenagers. After finished the novel, a large number of people will hold the opinion that Holden is a notorious person due to he had done tons of unforgiven things. Nevertheless, from my angle it is that Holden is a typical American teenager who has complex and contradictory characters. All things he did is just trying to protect himself from being damaged. To be honest, he is a pure and kindhearted man. Moreover, he has being constantly pursuiting his life and high ideals. His loneliness, treachery and escapism are a totally different method to disclose the negative parts of the society and then It also reflects anguish and ideals of the teenagers at that time. The society effect Holden deeply.
At first, I firmly believed the fact that his loneliness is his attitude of this world. Holden extremely hates the hypocrisy and deception in his life which cause him to gradually become outstanding and lonely in society where man only concentrate on material. He is deeply confused by contradiction which is between the real world and his potential dreams. The contradiction makes him considerablly lonely and painful. It shows on he can not gain any love from the school or family. First, some people said that his parents are able to offer him a colorful life, and also the chance which could bring them success in near future. Those are the way to shows his parents' love. Nevertheless, the truth is that he can not obtain anything expect for material support from his family. This is the reason why his parents had any message that he had been expelled. Similarly, his family were highly influenced by the public and gradually show the same attitudes. therefore, Holden had no interest to communicate with them: "D.B. is not as bad as the rest of then, but he keeps asking me a about"(P192) . Family does not supply the warmth and shelter place to him. Secondly, Holden does not want to go to school and study hard because he think school is hypocritical. Students only talks about woman, alcohol and sex, such as Stradlater and Ackley. His president only show friendly manners to the rich parents: "For instance, they had this headmaster, Mr.Hass, that was the phoniest bastard I ever met in my life"(P12). Thirdly, somebody will say if it is because of that Holden really hates hypocrisy and deception of others which make him alone, why he still lies to Mrs. Morrow about his school life(P49 ). The reasons is that he creates a impressive deeds for his repulsive classmate because he hopes somebody to talk with him. It is similar movie which he feels averse to: "If there is something I hate ,it is the movies. Don't even mention them to me"(P1). However, he goes to the cinema to pass time when he has nothing to do in order to relax himself. In fact, he averses mendacious thing around him in his mind. He lacks clear goals and lives slackly, but his heart is filled of the sense of crisis and responsibility, so he eager sacrifice for a great cause. Howener, he can not live without substance and indulge in vanity even though he is attracted toward to inner peace and truth. Holden goes to parks where he uses to go with Phoebe, bars where he plays with three lady or anyplace else. He invites different people by phone and talks with anyone he can talked with, such as Sally and Luce. He struggles to seek the understanding of the world. It exposes the person that is Holden who used his own power to confront society. He is experiencing the growth in personal life. In this life experience, I am afraid there are only cold and solitude. Finally, Holden just can wear the red hunters hat back and uses this maverick approach to separate his mind and the real world.
Secondly, not only the negative parts of the society effect the thinking of Holden and makes him alone, but also effect his behaviour and precipitate him traitorous. His school life is the excellent example to explain my point. In Pency school, he does not study well and he has failed four of five subject, so he gets the fourth times expelled for school. Holden's history teacher Spencer tries to persuade him to change, and he said that life is a unmerciful game and we should according to the rules. However, Spencer will never know Holden just thinls the ducks in Central Park and cackle with him. What affect him excludes school due to school becomes as inveracious as the whole society. When he skating with Sally after they watched movie, Holden has told us what his school is like. He said that the school which he has been gone is full of phonies. All they do is study so that they can learn enough to be smart enough to be able to buy a Cadillac some days, or talk about beautiful girls and liquor and sex all day. Everybody sticks together in these dirty little cliques. For example, the guys that play basketball stick together:"you ought to lousy shape"(P118). Imagine that how can a person learn knowledge in such a disordered school. In the other ways, sex also is wonder example. The first night in New York City, he blankly asks Maurice who he meets in the elevator to finds a prostitute for him. In his mind, sex is no longer the restricted to him because the society he lives in does not care it anymore. For example, Holden's friend Stradlater has sex with his girlfriend even though he is not a adult. Actually, it is because those phenomena impel Holden makes this choice which is patronizing a prostitute. Although Holden looks like a nasty villain, what he does are a different way to shows his resentment and resistance. He againsted to the education system because he consider school is too snobbish that student were not study knowledge. We can consider Holden becomes arebellious youth is because of the society.
The last influence to Holden which is given by the society is escapism. It is because of he felt disappointed to this morbid society, so he finally choice escapism. The first time that Holden thinks escape is after he describe the school when he skates with Sally. He has invited Sally go to Greenwich Village, so that they can leave this terrible society and have free life. Yet, Sally does not agree because she thinks they are young and she can not live in this poor way. In her mind, she thinks Holden is crazy and ridiculous. Finally, they broke up because of this matter. Why he gets this idea after he represent his school life is full of hypocritical things(I have already explain it in last paragraph). We can consider that they are causal relationship. Next example is Holden talks to Phoebe after he drinks a lot of alcohol. He says that although his parents want him to be a lawyar, it is not appeal to him: "Lawyar are all right...The troubleis, you wouldn't"(P155). Actually, he wants to be the catcher in the rye: "Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some...I'd really like to be"(P156). Holden was only 16 years old that is to young to find the suitable positioning of his life. In this adult society, he can not find the sense of belonging which he should has. In the surface, Holden is anxiety, cynical and impatient, but in the deep of his mind, he worry about the real world and desired to change this hypocrisy world, so he decides to be a catcher in the rye. Escapism is his choice because of this society.
Deceptive and stodgy life can not produce him any happiness because he totally hates this way. Holden has not choice to become a lonely, traitorous and escapist person due to he not fallow the rule of this society.